The work I have made during the past eighteen months marks a new development in the way I make paintings. As a painter with a special interest in landscape, I have always used texture and natural materials in my work. I have used metaphor to explore ideas relating to landscape and our changing view of the way in which we perceive, use and relate to our landscape. Increasingly I have become interested in ways of creating an experience rather than a visual impact.

These paintings try to reflect the ways in which one journeys through a landscape. Experiencing the whole in a series of slowly or suddenly revealed cameos or interconnected views.

I am now working exclusively with soils collected on my walking trips, randomly collected from resting places, riverbeds or the tops of mountains. I work on each painting as a series of separate panels which later are bolted together to produce one long work. The viewer can walk alongside the painting looking at the detail or step back to take in the overview. The work takes on the role of an installation rather than a sequence of separate images, thus keeping the viewer "inside" the work.

The first exhibition of the work was well received, both by the general public and the exhibition organisers. Two large pieces included in the exhibition were made using soils local to the venue. I have recently completed a commissioned project for a company based in Coventry. For this work I have used soils from Coventry sites that were in some way affected by the blitz to form the body of the work.